Mysticism, the language of love


In an interview with PBS Newshour, Yann Martel, the author of Life of Pi shares that writing the spiritually-inspired novel led him to explore the sacred texts of the main religions. In his search he discovered that a mystical vision runs through them all, intertwining them from deep within.

“(…) if you look at religion, what’s remarkable is how the mystics of each religion speak the same language. So if you look at the Muslim mystics, the Sufis; if you look at Christian mystics, like St. John of the Cross; and Hindu mystics, it’s remarkable how they all speak the same language, which is a language of a personal relationship with god and a language of love, where God is love.

It’s once you get further away from the mystics that you start getting differences, which sometime seem unbridgeable. Now, I think those unbridgeable differences are due to dogmas, and sometimes dogmas stray very far way from faith. And the other key thing to point out, too, is that you can kidnap anything, including very good ideas, so there is nothing in Islam that justifies killing innocent people, and yet some Muslims will do that in the name of Islam; just as there are some Christian fundamentalists, for example, here in America who will kill doctors who perform abortions. There’s nothing in Christianity that in any way condones that.”

To read the whole interview:


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